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Relax and reinvigorate 

Welcome To Real Retreats

The first stop on your journey towards relaxation and mindfulness.

  • Rest from the noise of everyday life
  • Reinvigorate your mind and body
  • Explore new landscapes
  • Make new friends

With our restorative wellness breaks you can take what you need and leave what you don’t. We offer Pilates and mindfulness sessions, woodland walking, wild swimming and a trip to the beautiful, historic town of Assisi. But you can also just sit in a quiet corner of the garden reading a book, rest by the pool or while away the hours in a hammock.

Come on your own, with friends or a partner. We’ll make sure everyone gets what they need from the retreat.

Why Choose Our Retreats?

We Want You To Slow Down and Take Time for Yourself

Close your eyes and think of those moments when you’ve felt truly relaxed and alive. 

  • When it’s first warm enough for a coffee on your back step.
  • Taking in the view on top of a hill whilst catching your breath.
  • A few important words shared around the kitchen table.

Amongst all the doing and the busy-ness, it’s often these moments that feel like truly living and we think you deserve more of them.

Casa Rosa is the perfect location for our wellness retreats, beautiful apartments set in the Umbrian hills where heart is valued over luxury, generosity over perfection.

Imagine yourself now, eating fresh cherries at breakfast or plunging into a deep pool under a waterfall. Nightjars trilling over the valley at dusk. Imagine yourself with all the time in the world to appreciate the simple, magical parts of life.

2020 Retreats

Relax at Casa Rosa



What Our Customers Say

Spending a week away at Casa Rosa in September was the best thing I could have ever done.

Emily O

Not having experienced Pilates before, this was tough on an old body but interesting.”

Andrew C

“Just returned from an amazing Pilates retreat held at Case Rosa. Highly Recommend.”

Liz Swanwick

Wow wow wow! What an incredible experience. Truly amazing.

Janet P

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