Why Consider A Retreat Holiday?

It’s likely there’s a balance between looking to take a break from certain aspects of your life and wanting to introduce more positive and life-fulfilling elements.

Let’s think about the first part of that equation.

“An act of moving back or withdrawing”
“To go away from a place or person in order to escape from fighting or danger”
Maybe you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed or lacking spark. This could be due to all sorts of things, pressures of work, having to look after other people, eating a poor diet, not finding the time to exercise, unproductive thinking, unhealthy relationships. Or maybe you’re just feeling a little worn down by the routine.
We can take away some of those pressures, the planning, cooking, thinking, caring. Whilst you are with us, all of those things are our job. We want to help you clear some space for the second important element which we like to think of as ‘Re-treating’

‘To Treat’
“To give care or attention to. To try to heal or cure”
“An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives pleasure”
Having cleared some of the elements of life which take up so much headspace, we can help you focus on and work out what you need more of. Maybe you need guidance to help you think in a more productive way, time to exercise, to talk, to eat well, to be challenged and stimulated but also to rest.

Here’s How Our Retreats Can Help You…

Let us take care of you. Delicious, healthy meals served three times a day which you don’t have to plan or prepare.
A carefully structured programme of Pilates and Mindfulness classes that will help you learn more about how you think, feel and move. Opportunities to give your brain some time off and focus purely on the physical.
We can take you walking in the hills or wild swimming at a local pool and waterfall. When you plunge into that water, checking your emails will be the farthest thing from your mind!
And when you need quiet, there can be few more tranquil places than the garden or the pool at Casa Rosa.

We understand how rare an opportunity this is for you, a time when there is no-one to look after but yourself. We also understand that there is a life to return to. This is where the ‘Real’ part comes in.

What Happens When You Get Home?

The retreat is a very special moment in time, a chance to press pause and to re-evaluate. Our greatest hope is that you will have time to consider those elements of your life which are out of balance and be able to translate some of what you have experienced back into real life.
Maybe you don’t need to reintroduce all of the elements that were making you feel exhausted, unhappy or just bored. In their place, you might find room for some things you’ve found most enriching during the retreat.

Not everyone will undergo a total transformation, a retreat is a snapshot in time, a delicious taste of something better but unfortunately for most of us, not a sustainable everyday lifestyle.
As a result of coming on the retreat however, you might make changes to your diet, begin a daily practice of mediation or take up wild swimming! And if any or all of those things make life easier and richer then that is Real Change and we are happy.

If you would like less mundane and more magic in your life, give us a call or email us to discuss attending one of our retreats. 01453 276376, realretreats@gmail.com