You’ve found the perfect destination, booked the hotel, arranged the flights; now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the anticipation of a wonderful trip away. Hopefully, we’ve all been on a holiday that delivered on, or even surpassed our expectations; fun with friends and family, relaxation, great weather, inspiring locations and wonderful food.

Let’s face it though, we’ve probably also been on some holidays where things weren’t quite as we’d imagined. The hotel with an ugly car park or busy night club next-door that had just managed to escape the camera lens. You and your partner/family finding it difficult to agree on what activities you wanted to do each day? Or maybe after a frantic week handing over at work and packing for the family, the self-catering option didn’t feel like much of a break from normality?

We’ve all been there and even with the best-laid plans, it’s impossible to guarantee a perfect trip.

A wellness break, however, does offer some very tempting advantages.

What can you expect from a Wellness Holiday?

Locations have already been scoped out by your host to inspire and encourage complete relaxation. No instructor wants to be teaching mindfulness or Pilates next to a busy road or to the sound of young children, even very happy ones!

Exceptional food is an essential part of any well-being break and the fact that you haven’t had to spend a moment planning or preparing those meals is the very definition of time-out.

Your days are gently structured but with no obligation to do or achieve anything. The greatest decisions you’ll be making are whether to go for a walk in the woods or read your book by the pool. Or whether you’d like red or white with your evening meal.

How will a Wellness Break benefit you?

You’ll be giving yourself the gift of time and space, a complete break from decision making, cooking and caring for others. Time to recharge so that you’re much better able to manage all those things you do, week in, week out.

And who knows? After a week at Casa Rosa, maybe you’ll decide you don’t need to return to all of those things after all. All good holidays allow you to pause and refocus, it’s simply that a wellness is break is designed specifically to deliver these things.

Types of Wellness Breaks

There are all sorts of wellness breaks on offer these days. Activity-based retreats offering Pilates, yoga, walking, cycling and even surfing. Others are focused on deepening your experience of a hobby such as photography, writing or cooking.

Mindfulness and meditation are popular in a retreat setting where you can really focus on adopting practices to take back into your everyday. There are detox holidays, fitness holidays, healthy eating breaks. There is so much choice but the intention with any wellness break is that you return rested, rejuvenated, inspired and often with new friendships.

The days away will, of course, be wonderful, but a well-designed wellness break will keep on delivering long after you return home.

Choosing Casa Rosa for your 2019 Wellness Break?

Join us for a Pilates and Mindfulness retreat in June or September and these are some of the highlights you can look forward to:-
· Beautiful accommodation at Casa Rosa, nestled in the green hills of Umbria.

  • Delicious meals prepared from locally sourced ingredients and wine from the nearby vineyard. All served on the terrace overlooking the valley.
  • Daily Pilates with our highly experienced instructors who are all physiotherapists.
  • Daily Mindfulness meditation with Ella, mindfulness practitioner and clinical psychologist.
  • Guided walks in the surrounding forest.
  • A day-trip to the beautiful and historic town of Assisi
  • Freshwater swimming at a local waterfall, or just plain old pool swimming at Casa Rosa.
  • Fireflies, hoopoes and nightjars serenading you each evening.

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