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Example Full Retreat Itinerary

Hopefully it’s clear by now that you are welcome to take part in all, a few or none of the activities on offer, just as the mood takes you.

 A massage therapist will always be on site so that you can arrange treatments during a spare moment and quite often there will be something going on that doesn’t appear on the itinerary. 

We want you to feel inspired, content and fully absorbed into the wonderful environment at Casa Rosa

A Typical Retreat


  • Arrive at Rome Fiumicino Airport and travel by 7-seater taxi to Casa Rosa.
  • Arrival dinner. Meet your hosts and instructors for the week. After dinner, an optional Welcome Walk allowing you a first glimpse of the beautiful countryside surrounding Casa Rosa. There will also be an opportunity for you take part in a gentle Mindfulness session before bed.


  • Introduction to Pilates for those of you who are new to, or less experienced in the technique, followed by a delicious buffet breakfast of home-made cakes, bread and jams made with fruit from the Casa Rosa orchard. Breakfasts also include a selection of cereals, croissants, biscuits, yogurt, fruit as well as a variety of local Umbrian cheeses and fresh eggs.
  • Around mid-morning, there will be a Mindfulness session in the garden.
  • We will have a relaxed lunch at Casa Rosa, typically including a variety of dishes such as bruschetta prepared with fresh local ingredients (truffle, radicchio & walnuts, cherry tomatoes), a selection of local cheeses (buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, caciotta), mixed salads made with fresh local vegetables and traditional pasta dishes.
  • In the late afternoon as it starts to become cooler, you can take a longer guided walk and explore the surrounding woodland and countryside.
  • Just before dinner there will be separate Pilates sessions for beginners and those who are more advanced.
  • Dinner at Casa Rosa is typically an assortment of traditional vegetarian Umbrian recipes made with fresh local ingredients such as the Parmingiana alle Melanzane (a tomato, aubergine and mozzarella bake) or vegetarian lasagne made with cherry tomatoes and courgettes with a béchamel sauce, or lentil soup made from the high quality lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia. All meals are served with a selection of side dishes including fresh salads, breads, cheeses and Casa Rosa’s own olive oil.


  • On Tuesday morning there will be a beginners Pilates class and a Mindfulness session before a late breakfast.
  • Before lunch, a chance to take a short walk to “The Secret Place” and swim in beautiful fresh water.
  • After lunch, enjoy a relaxed afternoon where you can read, swim and enjoy the beautiful environment at Casa Rosa.
  • In the late afternoon there will be an advanced Pilates class and after dinner, a relaxing Mindfulness session.


  • After breakfast, we will offer a Mindfulness walk allowing you to appreciate your beautiful surroundings with a focus on concepts such as near and far perspective.
  • After lunch we will have a Pilates session for all levels in the pool. This has proved a very popular activity on past retreats and is a lovely way to cool off on a warm day.
  • We will have a lazy afternoon at Casa Rosa and the chance to take part, if you wish, in a creative activity (something to take home and remind you of your holiday)
  • After dinner, Pilates relaxation session ensuring a good night’s sleep.


  • Early morning Pilates session for all levels, followed by breakfast and then a Mindfulness session.
  • From mid-morning you will have a chance to visit the beautiful and fascinating town of Assisi.
  • Dinner will be at one of the many high quality restaurants in Assisi followed by a chance to stroll and enjoy the enchantment of Assisi at night.
  • We will arrange your transfers into Assisi and back to Casa Rosa.


  • There will be an early morning Pilates before breakfast
  • We will then have the chance to make lunch together at Casa Rosa under the guidance of Rita who will share her tips and experience on how to prepare a delicious meal using simple and fresh ingredients, following traditional Italian recipes.
  • In the afternoon you’ll have a chance to walk off lunch or relax in the garden or at the pool before a final combined session of “Mindful Pilates”
  • This will be followed by a farewell supper on the terrace.


  • Taxi transfers back to Rome for the trip home.


  • Look at your photos, dream of Umbria and if you’re like us, spend all day wishing you were back at Casa Rosa!


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